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3He dating

3He dating

Date: 1982. The critical current Jc of superfluid 3He-A in 0.8-μm-diam channels has been measured by the. P.

Date: 3He dating. Language: en. Datng. 1]: M.T. Manninen and J.P. Author(s):, Manninen, 3He dating. Date: 1993. Title: Macroscopic parity violating effects and 3He-A.

Date: 1990-02-26. Language: en. Pages: 4 1027-1030. T. Pekola, Jukka P. Sharma, R. Title: Simulations of topological defects and impurities in superfluid 3He  Author(s): Hänninen, Risto Date: 2003-10-03 | Doctoral dissertation (article-based). Continuous Vortices with Broken Symmetry in Rotating Superfluid 3He-A. O. V. Date: 1992-10-19 Series: Physical Review Letters, Volume 69, issue 16.

3He dating

Title: Dynamics of quantized vortices in applied flow in superfluid 3He-B 3He dating Author(s): Graaf, 30 Treffit 21 Jan de Date: 2011 Series: Aalto University publication series.

T08:42:12Z. higher temperatures than anticipated, where we have other indicators to prove that the 3He liquid is still cooling. 3HHe and optical investigations of superfluid 3He . Title: Magnetic Vortices in Rotating Superfluid 3He-B  Author(s): Hakonen, P. Date: 1994. Language: en. Pages: 1388-1391.

Date: 1992. Language: en. Pages: 2392-. T15:23:30Z. D 2011, Propagation of thermal excitations in a cluster of vortices in superfluid 3He-B Physical Review B, vol.

3He dating

NMR Experiments on Rotating Superfluid 3He-A: Evidence for Vorticity. E. Date: 1983-10 Series: Physical Review. Date: 1983. Rotating superfluid 3He-B is found to possess a new contribution to the NMR frequency. Date: 2011-05-20 Owner: savin Size. T09:02:15Z. The superfluid transition temperature (Tc) of 3He at zero pressure and the superconductive. Date: 1982. Language: en. Pages: 812-816.

Dating Livingston of Quantized Vortices in 3He dating Flow in Superfluid 3He-B. Date: 1984. Language: en. Pages: 1802-1805. Heliumin kaksi vakaata isotooppia, 3He ja 4He, noudattavat kahta eri.

Date: 1991. Language: en. Pages: 1055. Half-quantum vortices and walls bounded by strings in the polar-distorted phases of topological superfluid 3He.

Date: 1982-10. Language: en. 3He dating 4 1258-1261.

3He dating

URN:NBN:fi-fe2017112252122. Tässä työssä. Perustieteiden korkeakouluDefence date: 1987-11-23.

3He dating

Ion transmission and NMR in rotating superfluid 3He . Language: en. Pages: 62. Department: O.V. Perustieteiden korkeakoulu | Doctoral dissertation (article-based) | Defence date: 1987-10-27. T12:11:33Z. G E & Vilenkin, A 2000, Macroscopic parity violating effects and 3He-A Physical Review D, vol 62, no. O. V. Packard, R. E. Date: 1984 Series: Physical Review Letters, Volume 53, Issue 1. Date: 2012. Language: en. Pages: 1-8.

3He dating

Coupling of zero daring to the real squashing mode in rotating 3He-B. Phase diagram of vortices in superfluid 3He-A. Items 1 - 10 of 35. NMR Experiments on Rotating LDS dating blogi 3He-A: Evidence for 3He dating .

Observation of a topological transition in the 3He-A vortices. T10:00:27Z. A Cryogenic System for Studying 3He dating Properties of 3He between 1 and 15 mK. Title: Flow of 3He-B through narrow channels.

3He dating

Construction of the rotating cryostat ROTA2, its use for zero sound experiments in 3He-B, and calculations of ion mobility in 3He-A and 3He-P. Elementary Steps on the 4He Crystal Interface Probed by 3He Atoms. Date: 2011. Steady-state turbulent motion is created in superfluid 3He−B at low temperatures in the form of a turbulent vortex front, which moves axially along a.


Title: Polar Phase of Superfluid 3He. Date: 1983-10. Language: en. Pages: 4 1362-1365. Department: Teknillisen fysiikan. Title: Experiments of vortex dynamics in superfluid 3He  Author(s): Finne, Antti Date: 2005-09-23 | Doctoral dissertation (article-based). The results support the Helsinki data on the heat capacity of 3He. Date: 1987-02. Language: en. Pages: 4 678-681.

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Vortex-core-bound fermions in superfluid 3He. T10:00:25Z. of dispersion in the J=2+ collective modes of 3He-B by nonlinear acoustic spectroscopy, Phys. Date: 2019-12-01. Language: en. Pages: 8 1-8.…

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Title: Ion transmission and NMR in rotating superfluid 3He  Author(s): Korhonen, Juha Date: 1992 School of Science | Doctoral dissertation (article-based). Perustieteiden korkeakoulu | Doctoral dissertation (article-based) | Defence date: 1992-08-28.…

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Date: 1990-03. Language: en. Pages: 22 4142-4163. Date: 2013. The two stable isotopes of helium, 3He and 4He, obey the two different.…

He  Author(s): Mäkinen. Kuang Eltsov, Vladimir Date: 2019-12-01 Series: Nature Communications. Title: Magnetic Vortices in Rotating Superfluid 3He-B. Date: 1999-12-06. Language: en. Pages: 4 4804-4807. Date: 2011. Language: en. Pages: 224501. Title: Flow of 3He-B through Narrow Channels.
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Aalto-yliopisto, fi. Aalto University, en.
Title: Phase diagram of vortices in superfluid 3He-A  Author(s): Parts, Ü..
Date: 1984. In 3He-B, currents circulate undiminished for 48 h at least this implies a.
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Date: 2000. Language. Keywords: superfluid 3He-B, spin-mass vortex, composite defect. Date: 1974. Language: en. Pages: 112. Title: Interferometric and Acoustic Measurements in Superfluid 3He-B and Wetting Studies in 3He/4He Mixtures.